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 · As a component enemy of Batman, he does not have any special or supernatural powers to make the fight between them somewhat fair and realistic. However, the Joker does seem to have some practical skills that have kept him alive for so long. He is a skilled chemist and gadget designer, which has given Batman some problems in defeating him …

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What are the characteristics of the Joker? She has flaws — and massive ones at that. She’s no Mary Sue, and pretty much the opposite. This also follows-up to the 2nd point; She’s realistic as a character. Not only does she display imperfections but her …

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A complete psychopath with no moral compass whatsoever, the Joker, whose real name and identity remain completely unknown, is characterized by his chalk-white skin, green hair and a permanent rictus grin stretched

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As an iconic character and Batman’s most popular and recognizable villain, Joker has been merchandised multiple times throughout the decades. Due to the sheer number of pieces, a small sampling is listed below: 1. Joker was featured in Kenner’s DC Super Powers Collection line of …See more on

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