how to win alibaba dispute

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How to Win a Dispute on AliExpress: 10 Tricks on How to Turn the Dispute in Your Favor 1. Always take the screenshots of the product description. It happens that the sellers change the description of the… 2. Carefully read the description of the product. Pay special attention to the sizes. Check …

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What Counts as A Trade Dispute?Types of Alibaba DisputesHow to Win A Trade Dispute on AlibabaReporting Intellectual Property (IP) Violations failed to act in their favor – even though the supplier delivered a poor quality product. A few examples follow below: a. The items had the wrong fabrics and colors b. Machinery without the correct labeling (for usage in the United States) c. The produ…

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TradeDispute – Alibaba › helpcenter › tradedispute.html

Please submit your complaint to Online Complaint Center at with valid proof. Alibaba Security Team will check it and follow up. All the updates can be found in the Complaint Center. Please submit the dispute under the correct order type (see below for reference):

AliExpress Dispute: How to Open It? Full Guide – › en › blog › how-to-open-a-dispute-on-aliexpress

When Should You Open The Dispute?Steps to Open A DisputeThe Dispute EscalationAliExpress VerdictHow to Avoid Dispute Situations on Aliexpress?
the dispute promptly. However, there are several ways in which the seller may react to the client’s claim: 1. The seller agrees with the claim. It is the best possible outcome for the customers as the dispute closes according to their application. 2. The store ignores the dispute. Such an outcome is also a posi…

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